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Come On You Old Chap, We're Going On An Adventure.

We're headed to Lake Erie Speedway, Formula Drift Utah, and FD Round 8 in Irwindale.


How Do We Decide Which Events To Go To?

There are hundreds of events that take place each year across North America and if we had it our way, we would attend every single one. For obvious reasons it's just not possible (yet), so we just pull track names from a snap-back and let fate decide the rest.

We're mostly joking, but we do try to mix it up with pro competitions, a few grassroots events, and a party bash here and there.


Which Events Do We Have Left?

1. Fall MatsErie and Round 4 of the Great Lakes Pro-AM series at Lake Erie Speedway We love this track and the mix of skills that this particular weekend offers. Where else can you support drivers just getting into the sport, and cheer on the ones vying for cash prizes and a ProSpec license? Throw in the open pit access, ride-alongs, and camping- pfft you've got yourself a rippin' good time. Oh, and a spectator pass for the entire weekend is a whopping $30 so there's that. We're going for the track-side BBQ but the rest of it is pretty great too. All the info you need can be found right here:

2. Formula Drift Round 7 at Utah Motorsports Campus

If there's one series you're going to find us at consistently, it's FD. We work with several of the drivers on the grid to manage their socials, proposals, websites, etc. so it's a given we're going to clock a lot of time at all 8 rounds. Utah is the final leg of the race for the ProSpec drivers and sends everyone else into overdrive trying to make up any points they lost before the break which makes for an interesting mix of emotions. If you're in the area or don't mind a little travel you can get in on all the action yourself. A cool $60 will get you a three-day pass (while tickets last). The pits at FD are usually open too so you can get pretty up close and personal with a lot of the drivers to see what goes into a race weekend. Check it out here:

3. Formula Drift Round 8 at Irwindale Speedway

We're wrapping up the season in California with the final round of FD. It's a time of tension and relief as everyone comes together to collect the last points of the season, solidify their standings and hopefully breathe a little easier knowing that they can head home to enjoy some much-needed time with family and friends before diving head first into build season. It's always bittersweet going out to your last event and that doesn't change even when you get up to a professional level. If you have tickets come find us around the track so we can put faces to e-mails. Save the date in your calendars, review the standings, and check out what time the finals are being streamed in your area so you don't miss a second.

It's Been a Wild Ride

We have spent hundreds of hours traveling thousands of miles to more than 10 states, and three countries in the last 5 months to build on our skills and learn more about the industry we love so that we can pass that information on to our clients. Could we send freelancers out to capture content and save that time? Sure. Would we get the same results on the surface? Yeah, probably. Is that how we operate? Not even a little. In order to deliver the best information, you have to collect it directly from the source which is why we spend so much time, money, and effort meeting with sponsors, event organizers, track owners, Pro drivers, up-and-comers, hobbyists, fans, and even those who know nothing about the motorsports world because that is where the relationships are built that lead to unique perspectives, collective insights, and tangible results. If you own/operate an automotive business check out our free "Business Tool" which was designed to help you self-diagnose some of the most prevalent issues we see in the industry, and help get you on the path to correction and gains.

Stop doing what you've always done and try doing something different. Build the car, buy the part, apply for the job, step outside of your comfort zone and you too can be at all of your favorite races.


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