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If A Picture Can Say 1000 Words, What Does A Reel Say?

We've all heard the saying, but how much should you rely on it when it comes to your social media? Let's talk about it.

What Makes Someone Like, Comment, and Follow?

Think about your social feed, and the people and companies that you follow. What draws you to them? Do you unwind with blooper reels, or zone out to the sounds of product reviews? Are you gripped by the aesthetic or unique delivery of content? Have you ever considered how they choose to mix up their media and what you find yourself hooked into? You don't have to be a social media Guru to gain followers and attention you just have to take a minute to plan your approach.

Bland is Boring so Mix It Up

Let's Get Reel

You've got the photo thing down, or at least we hope you do and if you've been paying attention you'll have noticed that even the most perfect pictures don't quite cut it anymore. We're moving onward and upward and if you want your socials to do the same it's time you embraced the world of reels. We'll start with a few key points:

  • People perform better than places or things

  • Hashtags hold questionable power here. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's shit.

  • Apps don't like to share, post natively to each one

  • Quality, quality, quality. AI will bury blurry video or broken audio.

  • Music makes the people come together

Do It For The Gram

The recipe to reel success:

  1. Pick a path- reels are largely divided into either educational or entertaining categories. Either one will serve as a decent base to add your own touch to and build off of.

  2. Optimize SEO and make sure you caption your videos. A surprising number of people watch videos with no sound, (you might be one of them) so ensure anyone and everyone can consume your content with or without the sound.

  3. Make TikToks on their platform, and Insta reels on Instagram. TikTok watermarks are picked up by AI in the Meta universe and your views will likely suffer.

  4. Share your reels to your feed, and your stories. Tag brands and anyone else in your video to maximize viewership potential.

  5. Consider your hashtags. Three accurate tags will often do better than 30 generic ones

  6. Hop onto trends quickly, and use original audio or sounds in the library when available

  7. Like everything else, find a balance. Posting often is crucial but the quality of that content matters and you want to make sure you're giving the people something they want and not flooding their feed with fluff.

It gets easier as you go and as long as you give the algorithms time to learn who you are, what you're doing, and who to serve your content to you'll be good. Making too many changes too often will keep you stuck in a learning loop and that sucks for everyone involved. If you're still not feeling super pumped about handling all of this on your own while trying to build a car, a business, or a career, head over to our shop page linked down below for tips, tricks, classes, and tools we've put together to get you started.

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