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September Is Looming and So Is Sponsorship Season

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Not all proposals are alike, but most of the sponsors you deal with might be. Are you prepared?

Content, Context, and Contacts

Let's start with addressing the obvious- you can absolutely take 2 or 20 photos, smash them together on a Google slide and slap a few stats onto it before sending it out en mass by e-mail to anyone with a business. It might even work.... to a point, but that's not the way if you want to secure solid partnerships with those who have deep pockets.

Before you start cold calling people you've never spoken to or mailing your personal information across the continent, take the time to tell a story worth reading. Organize your career on paper and be clear about what you're looking for. We will give you some starting points down below.

Tip #1 - Consider Your Colors

We cannot stress this enough. If you have a color pallet that you stick with, or better yet a Logo, incorporate those into your sponsorship proposal. The goal is to be easily identifiable. People remember cars, colors, and logos more than faces most of the time so use that to your advantage.

Tip #2 - Less Is More

Do you want to include as much relevant information as possible? Yes. Is there a way to do that without rambling on for 37 pages spanning your entire career? Also, yes. All you need is a brief summary of who you are, where you started, where you stand, and where you're trying to go. Sponsors want the data, not the drama.

"Sponsorship is not charity, they are packages that offer marketing value in exchange for money" – Marketing Head, Hubilo

Tip #3 - Stack Your Socials

If you're in a position where you're asking a company to give you money for exposure, you best have your social platforms not just up and running, but engaging and thriving. The days of trading the largest sticker placement for several thousand dollars are gone. Sponsors want to know how many people follow you, how many events you attend, and who's attending those events. Do you have 8K on Instagram or 80K? You can still succeed with less if your engagement rate is more. It's all a numbers game and you have to be ready to play it.

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Shapes, textures, sizes- There are so many ways to make the information on a page stand out. You have complete control over what your potential sponsors see and retain. If you pack it all into a 15-page PDF and it reads like a chapter book, there's a very good chance the gatekeeper to the funds won't make it to the end. Have fun with it.

Tip #5 - Control The Narrative

Lead the reader to where you want them to go. Don't make the people who read thousands of proposals go hunting for the information they want to see and don't be convoluted when it comes to what you're offering in exchange for their support. We also recommend that you start working on making connections before the season even starts with the brands you want to work with so you're not a complete stranger when your proposal lands on their desk. It's much easier to approach someone you've had face time with.

Don't Panic.

You're not alone if your socials were set on the back burner, or your proposal sounds exactly like what you were just told not to do- there's a reason we do what we do, and why we have tools put together to help. We know not everyone has the time or the talent to sit in front of a screen and talk about themselves AND make it look nice. Check out the website for our free posting tool to give your socials a kick into gear, and if you're ready to take the next step we have a proposal package with a plug-and-play interface that guides you through what to put where and can even be customized to your team colors. Happy Driving, and Good Luck!

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