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Future of Electric Vehicles: The Electric Racecar

Electric Cars Are The Future Of Motorsports.

They are poised to be the most popular type of car on the market. Electric cars produce zero emissions, Electric cars produce zero emissions and also contribute significantly less pollution than their fuel-powered counterparts making them an excellent choice for any consumer looking to lessen their ecological footprint.

They also produce less noise than traditional gas-powered vehicles, making them an attractive option for public spaces and event planners in Formula E.

The rise in battery technology and the change in consumer lifestyleS are leading towards this inevitable future.

Some Welcome The Change While Others Resist It.

Batteries, technology, and electric motors are all developing at a rapid pace to fulfill the needs of automobile manufacturers and because of that, car manufacturers are producing electric cars with longer ranges and less weight than ever before, resulting in some astonishing stats.

The All-Electric Aspark Owl Reaches 0-60mph In Less Than 1.7 Seconds And Still Manages To Get Over 250 Miles On A Single Charge!

Electric Vehicles have been in development since the 1800s, with several patents submitted before World War II. However, it was not until recently that technology advanced enough for us to see the potential it could have on performance gains in enthusiast vehicles.

We're currently in a phase of rapid growth and innovation in the electric car industry which can be seen first hand at Formula E. With each iteration of the vehicle, the efficiency and the performance also improve.

Rethinking Our Transportation Habits Can Reduce Pollution, Save Money On Fuel And Help Combat Climate Change.

Batteries are easy to package, more efficient, and help to lower the center of gravity which results in better handling while still providing a smooth power delivery.

Along with the many health benefits for the population and less dependency on oil reserves, electric racecars have a huge potential to change the automotive industry in a positive way.

Racecars in the future will be more than just a driver and machines. The car will become an extension of the driver, with advanced sensors, advanced computing power, and technologies. This is expected to trickle down to change many aspects of everyday vehicle design.

2030 is fast approaching and it is being predicted that 65% of new cars will be electric.


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